Solar Panels

Solar Electricity & Solar Hot Water

At Continuum Energy Solutions, we specialize in the design and installation of solar electricity systems. From 2kW to 200kW solar systems, our team of clean energy consultants will design a system that’s the right size for your building and your budget.

We Do Solar Better Than the Other Guys!

Continuum is light years ahead of our competition because we use Enphase Microinverters to eleminate the need for strings of panels which gives you control over how many panels you want to install. This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and simplifies design, installation and management. Enphase Microinverters are more productive, reliable, smarter, and safer than the old single inverter solutions used by our competition.

Solar Electricity is …Productive

  • Per-module Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) contributes to energy harvest gains of 5 – 25%.
  • With Enphase Microinverters, the modules are resilient to dust, debris, and shading.
  • Enphase Burst Mode technology provides greater production in low-light conditions.

Solar Electricity is …Reliable

  • No single point of failure. Rated for 240 years of continuous operation.
  • The Microinverter provides continuous monitoring of the performance of each PV module.
  • Soft switching reduces component stress.

Solar Electricity is …Smart

  • Quick and simple installation.
  • No central or string inverter to install or design.
  • The system provides 24/7 monitoring and management for each module.

Solar Electricity is …Safe

  • Low voltage AC.
  • Reduced fire risk.

The Enphase Microinverter system is the first commercially-available microinverter system for residential and commercial solar PV applications.

In the picture below, the you can see the inverters in place before being covered by the solar modules. They connect to each individual module and send performance readings of the whole solar energy system to a personal web site that can be viewed any place with internet access.

Installing Solar Panels Is A Big Decision

Working with Continuum means you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way. From the initial solar site assessment, to the final commissioning of your solar system, our clean energy consultants will personally guide you through the entire process of design, installation, permitting, inspections, rebates, and commissioning.

Solar Electricity is Good for You, Good for All of Us.

(pictured – State funded training session through the Alexandria JobLink taught by Continuum’s president, Kent Baake.)

No other form of energy available today is 100% clean, quiet, non-pollutive, safe, reliable, and available from an infinite resource. Solar electricity systems have no dangerous emissions or gases and no mountains need to be removed or streams filled in to make them. Solar manufacturing plants do not explode if expensive, complex safety measures are not in place and monitored. They do not emmit radiation for generations that is so dangerous it can’t even be buried miles underground, and they don’t leak millions of gallons of deadly petroleum toxins into our sensitive oceans. Their main component – silicon – is made from common, ordinary, easy to attain sand.

Durable – we’re talking about rocks covered in glass. There’s nothing to deteriorate or leak or corrode. They just last and last. Their useful life expectancy is 40-50 years, but they can go longer.

The financial assistance is at it’s best right now. The Federal, State, Local, SREC, and Net Metering benefits are all in place and there has never been a better time to go solar.

Your site doesn’t have to be perfect for sunlight. The home below saves over 35% on energy bills despite a large amount of trees nearby and a modestly sized system.

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