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As part of our mission, CES is always looking for energy efficiency products to further help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The following items are great energy savers. If you’re interested in any of them, email us at info@thesolar411.com or call 703-354-0262. We provide sales and installation for every item shown below.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Product Listing


Energy Efficient Skylights & Solar Tubes

Energy Efficient Skylights - Solar TubesSolatubes provide FREE sunlight—>solar tube lighting

Adding an Energy Efficient Skylight in your home for daylighting can dramatically brighten a room. These inexpensive sun tunnels are all reflective on the inside and use a mirror on the cover to direct light in to your house, even on cloudy days. They install quickly and look like a recessed light. Energy Efficient Skylights also have almost zero energy loss because of their air tunnel design-unlike a skylight that loses lots of energy. If you have an attic and a dark house, a efficiency skylight can improve your health and productivity while reducing your use of electricity for lighting. In fact, they work so well there is a large after-market for light regulators that reduce the amount of light with an adjustable cover. 10″ and 15″ starting at $750 and $950, installed (add $75/ft after the first 6 ft, up to 30 ft).

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Rain Barrels

rain barrelWe can help you collect the rainwater that falls on your roof in a variety of rain barrels. Multiple barrels can be installed to allow for copious storage of water which can be used for watering during drier periods. This rainwater collection system will save money on your water bill and help to maintain the local water table by slowing the flow of rain water coming from impervious surfaces.

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Solar Powered Roof Vents

These solar powered fans run on dc power direct from a small solar panel. When the sun is heating the roof and attic this fan will run automatically, keeping the attic cooler, which in turn lengthens the life of the roof and makes cooling the home more cost effective. $450 installed, these fan are rated to move 700 CFM.

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Pellet Stoves

Pellet StoveFireplaces are great! Few things beat cozying up next to the natural flames of a log burning fire. But, they tend to be high maintenance, are hard to keep at an even temperature, create a lot of smoke, and require constant feeding. You can get the same, cozy effect without the smoke, and for very little maintenance. Best of all, they come with a thermostat YOU control.

What is it? A pellet stove. They come in many shapes and sizes but the bottom line is you can heat your house with a renewable waste product – sawdust – by feeding it once or twice day and these stoves are highly efficient. They provide hot air and a warm dancing flame. They can even be added as inserts to an existing fireplace. We deliver pellet bags as well so if you need a refill and don’t want to brave the cold, let us know.

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Solar Powered Generators

Solar Powered GeneratorClick here for more info on Solar Powered Generators. Free energy from the sun for your yard! We manufacture these fun to use educational and mobile generators in our shop. Sizes vary by panel wattage and battery amp hours. Pricing ranges from $1350-$1950. They are made from a simple, effective design that consists of a solar panel connected to a red flyer wagon with a closed container holding the DC to AC inverter, a charge controller for juicing up the battery, and one or more batteries depending on the desired usage time. This is easy to use – the inverter has electrical plug-in outlets just like you’d find in your living room. They can be used power electric yard trimmers, camping lights, laptops, festive holiday lights, or pretty much anything you can plug in. They make an excellent learning tool for schools.

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Green Roofing

We install a variety of environmentally friendly roof systems which are long lasting, durable, and are available in a wide range of colors. Our cool metal roofs utilize new pigments in the paint, which reflect more light, reducing your energy use and reducing the heat island effect. These roofs will save you money in both energy usage and in the reduced time and material needed to install only one roof and not two over a 40 year period. Metal roofs are 25-35% recycled and can be 100% recycled at the end of their life. We are a metal roof contractor who stands behind their work.

We also install recycled rubber and plastic roofs, which are an excellent alternative to cedar shake or asphalt roofs. These roofs are aesthetically pleasing and enable you to choose a roof material that has a positive impact on our economy. We can help you to select material from the US which keeps jobs and $$ in the US and reduces our use of fossil fuels which are running out. Less waste ends up in our landfills, reducing the methane released, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

We offer commercial roofing systems in EPDM or our preference cool white TPA. Our network of vendors and 20 years of experience gives us the ability to offer outstanding prices on our quality installation services.
For those restricted by HOA covenants or who want to have a specific look we offer a full line of asphalt and cedar shake shingles. We can match most types of shingles for repairs or to meet covenants. Recaulking flashing and pipe collars is another specialty service we offer.

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Insulated Siding

Insulated Siding

Our insulated siding can have a big effect on home heating and cooling costs. This low maintenance vinyl siding has a foam backing which enables it to add R-4 value to the walls of your home. If you are considering replacing your siding and have high energy bills then insulated siding is an option well worth considering. There are many colors available and the siding can be made to look like Hardiboard brand siding.

Siding has the fourth best return on investment of all home improvement projects!

We also maintain siding with pressure washing using commercial grade 3000psi pressure washers. Our technicians are trained to use this equipment with care so that you receive professional service with every service call.

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