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Continuum specializes in renewable energy education. Our president, Kent Baake, is certified to teach green consulting in the state of Virginia and is an ongoing resource for the offices of both Senator Warner and Senator Webb. He has also been to The White House several times, contributing to panels discussing renewable energy.

We provide this presentation free of charge to any group or organization interested in learning the facts about renewable energy. This can sometimes mean a class sponsored by the Green Building Institute, a seminar at Ace Hardware in Old Town Alexandria, or an HOA meeting to help educate homeowner’s about solar energy or energy efficiency and the many benefits they provide.

The most frequent comment we hear during our presentations is a pleasant surprise at the useful, detailed information provided. While we are a company selling a product, we make it a priority to provide good information, interesting facts and clear up the misinformation out there regarding renewable energy rather than giving a thinly veiled sales pitch.

We’ve incorporated the highlights of our educational seminars into a powerpoint presentation. Check it out here to review it for yourself.

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