Solar CO-OPS

A great way to reduce your costs and spread the benefits of solar to your residential community is through the utilization of a solar cooperative, or CO-OP. Through CO-OPs, neighbors and friends are able to come together to approach solar installers about an opportunity for reduced prices for multiple assessments and installations. CO-OPs are also becoming incredibly influential in our local solar industry. Because of their strength in numbers, CO-OPs have begun to speak out and influence local solar policy and business approaches as well.

CO-OP pricing provides a graduating discount rate according to the number of members: 3 to 5 homes receive a 4% discount, 5-10 homes a 7% discount, 11-15 homes an 8% discount, and 16 and up a 9% discount. 

We’ve featured CO-OPS in a previous newsletters and…you can read about two local solar CO-OPs – Common Cents and the Mount Pleasant Cooperative – that were featured this September in the Washington Post, just click here.

Want to know about starting your own coop? Read an interview with Anya Schoolman – founder of DC’s Mount Pleasant Solar Cooperative.

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