Continuum also makes it a priority to know all of the incentives (rebates, discounts, tax credits, SREC’s, etc.) that apply to your solar energy or energy efficiency investment. 

Check out the incentives for Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia

Continuum wants everyone to be able to access the free energy provided by the sun and to do so as efficiently as possible.  Collecting this information on our site allows you to take maximum advantage of any financial help available, whether it’s Federal, State, or Local.  We find the information so you don’t have too. 

Did you know you can earn money from the clean energy your solar systems create? Up to $200 or more for each MegaWatt your system creates. Find out how SREC’s can help pay for a large part of your system.

You can also learn about taking advantage of group discounts by starting a CO-OP!

*Many of the State/District incentives are funded for brief time periods on a yearly basis. Be sure to call and ask for the very updates on the status of your states incentives.

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