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Prices for solar fall again

Amazing! Prices for solar modules continues to fall! With incentives the time has never been better to go solar!

Introducing our NEW iPhone Solar Charger!

Everyone loves their iPhone, but not the battery life. Our new product allows you to carry a few extra charges around with an extra battery supplied by CLEAN, QUIET, SAFE Solar energy. Check it out! More info here.

Television Appearance

Watch CES included on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer

Solar stimulates sustainable job creation

The solar industry is poised for tremendous job growth.  The ARRA stimulus money helped our firm offer a 3 week clean energy training course last year.  One of the graduates is now our top salesman.  Stimulus money has also flowed to efficiency in Virginia greatly increasing the demand for energy audits. This has led to the creation of three green jobs here at our firm in the last 12 months.

Voluntary Solar Bill Tabled

The Voluntary Solar Bill failed to make it out of the commerce and labor committee.  Dominion expressed concerns about the cost of administering the fund, even though 20% of collected monies would go toward the fund.  Also there were concerns from them about it affecting their energy share program.  I do not understand the correlation.  We have a year to work on finding acceptable language for this bill and I look forward to making it a more viable bill at next year’s general assembly.

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Third, we provide a free Solar Site Assessment for anyone receiving an energy audit. Our clean energy consultants assess your location for solar shading and provide a thorough report of the expected solar production. We customize solar electricity systems, solar hot water systems, or both to fit your needs and our team does the install, takes care of the permits, and guides you through every incentive available to you.

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Voluntary Solar Funding in Virginia Proposed!

Join us in support of the new HB1222 Voluntary Resource Development Fund bill submitted by Delegate Adam Ebbin (

Proposed Bill:

This bill requires electric utilities to provide customers with the option to make voluntary contributions to the Voluntary Solar Resource Development Fund. It is currently in the Virginia house side and if passed, will go to the Senate after Feb 12. 

Delegate Terry Kilgore, current Chair of Commerce and Labor, and Chair of the special SubCommittee on Energy, is your contact for supporting the bill. 

Let him know you think this is a good idea!

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